At Fleur and Brew, we celebrate our the locals who make us who we are. Dictated by nature, we aim to be at our best to produce arrangements that are reflective of what is in season. Keeping in mind the environmental influences, our distribution channels, and the economy. 

We at Fleur and Brew will orchestrate an arrangement just for you. 

* * * 



Fleur and Brew was a crazy out of reach dream that sister-in-laws Svetlana Grebenshikoff and Vanessa Bartholomaeus would talk about on various occasions during their mid-week coffee catch up. Somewhere towards the end of 2016 this dream looked more like a reality after being accepted to participate in Renew Adelaide's Own It Program. Months of planning and collaborating with the Renew Adelaide team 

Fleur and Brew was formed on cosy Gilbert St in Adelaide CBD mid 2017. After and initial free rent period by 


An tiny "hole in the wall,  Fleur and Brew provides Adelaide with two main services, one, being the shop front coffee and flower/plant haven where anyone can pop in to relax and unwind. Two, an elegant and friendly  floral service ranging from bouquets, flower crowns and large events and weddings. 

So whenever you find yourself in Adelaide come by 53 Gilbert St to experience Fleur and Brew for yourself!